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Bull Frog Ringtone

bull frog ringtone

    bull frog
  • Huge frog, able to leap far distances and tangle opponents with sticky tongue. Also has a bull's strength, horns, and propensity to charge

  • A very large frog that has a deep booming croak and is often a predator of smaller vertebrates

  • The American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeianaHillis, D. M. 2007. Constraints in naming parts of the Tree of Life. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 42:331–338.Hillis, D. M., and T. P. Wilcox. 2005. Phylogeny of the New World True Frogs (Rana). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 34:299–314.

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bull frog ringtone - Once There

Once There Was A Bull...(frog): Adventures in Compound Words (Language Adventures Book)

Once There Was A Bull...(frog): Adventures in Compound Words (Language Adventures Book)

Teachers and parents know that teaching is more effective when kids are having fun. Rick Walton's Language Adventures Series combines entertainment and education with eight newly revised picture books that cleverly teach grammar and usage. Kids will love the silly stories, funny illustrations, and witty wordplay. Teachers and parents will love the new features: definitions at the beginning of the book and activities at the end that allow kids to apply what they've learned.
Titles in the series include
Around the House, the Fox Chased the Mouse: Adventures in Prepositions
Bullfrog Pops: Adventures in Verbs and Objects
Herd of Cows, Flock of Sheep: Adventures in Collective Nouns
Just Me and 6,000 Rats: Adventures in Conjunctions
Once There Was a Bull . . . (Frog): Adventures in Compound Words
Pig Pigger Piggest: Adventures in Comparing
Suddenly Alligator: Adventures in Adverbs
Why the Banana Split: Adventures in Idioms
Rick Walton is the author of more than sixty children's books, including this best-selling language arts series. His books have been featured on the IRA Children's Choice list, Reading Rainbow, and CBS This Morning.
More than 150,000 copies sold!
Once there was a Bull...(Frog) is an endearing story of a frog who lost his hop. He looks for it everywhere: under a toad...(stool), behind a dog...(house), and under a hedge...(hog), but it's nowhere to be found. He has a cow...(boy) throw him high in the sky, but he lands in a field of straw...(berries). Thanks to a diamond...(back rattlesnake), he regains his hop.
This fast-paced story is just the right length for two-year-olds, yet has enough humor and clever surprises for eight-year-olds. But everyone will delight in this creative tale. They'll "jump" at the chance to trick adults who aren't wise to the wordplay and picture surprises on each page.
Rick Walton is the author of dozens of books for kids, including his popular books introducing language arts concepts: Why the Banana Split, Herd of Cows Flock of Sheep, and Suddenly Alligator. Rick and his family live in Provo, Utah.

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Bull Frog

Bull Frog

This is my first Bull Frog (rana catesbeiana) of the season. It may have just come out of hibernation, because it was very sluggish and did not want to move out of the rather dangerous spot where I found him. I was afraid that it might get run over (by vanus minimus) so I coaxed it out of the bright sun (it seemed to be drying out) into the shade next to the water. After a couple of minutes, it seemed to perk up a bit. When I checked later, it was gone (hopefully into the swamp).

By the way - I got down and dirty on the ground for this photo - my old bones can't take too much more of that!

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Bull Frog

Bull Frog

This is one of the Bull Frogs that was rescued by the Police and released by the Forest department of Assam from smugglers on a train in Guwahati city.
Many died in the gunny sack that they were being carried and some fortunate ones were released at the Deepor Beel wetland a 'Ramsar Site'.
The Bull Frogs are caught and sold for consumption as food in Nagaland state and many parts of South East Asia

bull frog ringtone

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